Stretch Marks Serum

150.00 SR

Stretch marks serum for pregnant women and new mums acts on new stretch marks with a very targeted action. 

Formulated with maracuja oil, known for its highly moisturizing properties, this serum helps improve the appearance of stretch marks by strengthening and regaining the skin elasticity

It can be used during pregnancy and after baby’s arrival.


                               96% ingredients of natural originSafety_ingredient_ENDermatologist_tested_ENMade_in_France_EN

Good for the skin and the planet

Are stretch marks inevitable? Not if you treat them in time. Our serum targets recent stretch marks and works thanks to its highly moisturizing properties.

This serum can be used throughout pregnancy and even after baby's arrival. It improves the appearance of stretch marks by reducing their length, width, colour and touch.
It leaves the skin silky smooth and supple while aslo reinforing its elasticity.

Here's more: its gel texture melts in in no time.