Digital Ovulation Test

145.00 SR

Clearblue® DIGITAL Ovulation Test works by detecting the increase (surge) in a hormone called Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in your urine. The LH surge occurs approximately 24-36 hours prior to the release of an egg from your ovaries – a process known as ovulation. You are at your most fertile on the day your LH surge is detected and the day after.
Your 2 most fertile days begin from the time that Clearblue® DIGITAL Ovulation Test detects your LH surge. Make love at any time in the next 48 hours to maximize your chance of becoming pregnant.


- Remove the ovulation test stick from the foil wrapper.

- Remove the cap

- Before applying urine to the ovulation test stick it must be inserted into the test holder.

Getting the ovulation test ready

- Align the pink arrow on the ovulation test stick with the pink arrow on the test holder and insert until it clicks into place.

- Wait for the 'test ready' symbol to appear and take the ovulation test immediately.

- Place the Absorbent Sampler pointing downwards in your urine stream for 5 to 7 seconds.

- Or collect a sample of your urine in a clean, dry container. Dip the absorbent tip in the urine for 15 seconds.

- Do not get the test holder wet.

- Keep the sampler pointing downwards or lay the Test Stick flat. Throughout testing never hold the test with the absorbent tip pointing upwards.

Wait for 3 minutes- After 20 to 40 seconds the 'test ready' symbol will start flashing to show the ovulation test is working.

- Do not eject the ovulation test stick before you get your result.

- Replace the ovulation test stick's cap and wait for 3 minutes.

Within 3 minutes the Display will show your result.

No LH surgeNo LH surge: If you get a 'blank circle', the test hasn't detected your LH surge. Test again at the same time tomorrow using a new ovulation test stick.

LH surgeLH surge: A 'smiley face' means you've detected your LH surge. Your 2 most fertile days are today and tomorrow so having sex in the next 48 hours will maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

- Once you have read your final result eject the ovulation test stick and throw it away.

- Your result can only be read on the test holder display - you cannot determine your result from any lines on the ovulation test stick.

- Your result will remain on the display for 8 minutes.

- Do not re-insert a used ovulation test stick.