Dermo-U.H.T Surgras Cleansing Cream

100.80 SR

Specially formulated for dry to very dry skin, this Surgras Cleansing Cream for Very Dry and Atopic Skin ensures maximum gentleness and protection.

Developed with dermatologists, this Atopic Skin Care contains only carefully selected ingredients, including cleansing agents chosen for their gentleness.

Thanks to the Dermo-U.H.T. complex associated with the Butter of Illipe rich in natural fatty acids, this Cream for Very Dry and Atopic Skin melts on the skin and helps provide effective protection from cutaneous dryness.

This complex guarantees immediate and longlasting hydration(1). With daily use, it keeps skin nourished and more comfortable.

Apply the Cream for Very Dry and Atopic Skin to ready-dampened skin, then gently rinse off. Dry your skin without rubbing, to avoid irritation.