Copy of Dermo-U.H.T Surgras Cleansing Cream

100.80 SR

Specially formulated for very dry and atopic skin, this Surgras Cleansing Oil for Atopic Skin ensures maximum gentleness and protection.

Developed with dermatologists, this Atopic Skin Cleansing Oil contains only carefully selected ingredients, including cleansing agents chosen for their gentleness. This Shower Gel for Atopic Skin contains Dermo-U.H.T. complex at a 15% concentration and with powerful active ingredients to soothe and restore itchy skin.

Powerfully soothing active ingredients: Redness reduced by 50% after just 2 days!(1) With daily use, Atopic Skin Cleansing Oil keeps skin feeling soothed and more comfortable. Apply to ready-dampened skin, then gently rinse off. Dry your skin without rubbing to avoid irritating it.

(1) Action of the soothing active ingredients in Surgras Cleansing Oil. In vivo study on 20 patients. Reduction of erythema (redness) following SDS treatment, after 2 days of application, 2 applications per day.