Caffeinated Face Moisturiser

45.20 SR

Caffeinated Face Moisturiser is for babes who want a smooth ending, for once. Natural, lightweight and caffeinated; I’m the perfect face moisturiser, if I do say so myself. My caffeinated mix of coffee, shea butter and vitamin E plumps skin without the laser beams so you feel nourished, not pinched. A natural moisturiser, I don’t contain any nasties that secretly clog pores over time so you’ll stay clear.

(Formerly ‘Everyday Face Moisturiser’)


ARABICA COFFEE SEED OIL Your skin's best friend that it hasn't met yet. Do you want plumper, glowy skin all day, every day? Then it's time for a coffee date.

COCOA & SHEA BUTTERS Not for toast. This deeply hydrating duo locks in your skin’s moisture, so it will never feel dry, but without feeling heavy & they don't cause breakouts.
VITAMIN E Promotes the long term health of your skin by blocking the effects of free-radicals, those nasty things that cause ageing. 

Remember: prevention is key.

COCONUT, GRAPESEED & SWEET ALMOND OILS Vitamins A, E and D hydrate skin without blocking pores and help to fade scars and heal blemishes.

Step 1

Have a face (check).

Step 2 
Touch face. Gently massage my Caffeinated Face Moisturiser in circular motions around face and neck.
Step 3
That's it. For best results, use in conjunction with my Pore-ifics Kit.