Brightening Vitamin C Mask

85.00 SR

An active Brightening Vitamin C Mask that multitasks. Natural & cruelty-free, I’m packed with Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum to reveal your brightest, clearest skin. I dissolve your top layer of dead, dull, damaged skin with Papaya & Pineapple Extract, along with Lactic, Glycolic, and Salicylic Acids. A sophisticated formula; I’ve got more than one move. Use my Vitamin C for acne, hyperpigmentation, scarring, and fine lines. You don’t need that overpriced serum. Or that beauty filter.

“Amazing! This magic mask is a real treat. Even on the first try it calmed down the red spots on my face and left my skin feeling silky smooth. I’m head over heels for this gem.” – Matilda H.