Pigmentbio Foaming Cream

109.00 SR

Bioderma Pigmentbio Foaming Cream is an anti-pigmentation cleanser and exfoliator that helps to fade and prevent dark spots.

Bioderma Pigmentbio Foaming Cream is a brightening cleanser that helps to fade dark spots and gently cleanse the skin. 100% of the users state that they notice their spots fade over a period of 4 weeks and that the complexion is evened out. This cleanser combines the power of a double method exfoliation in order to remove the pigmented cells faster, with ingredients that help to reduce the pigment synthesis directly on the skin. Therefore, this cleanser is able to both prevent and reduce the pigmentation.


Apply Bioderma Pigmentbio Foaming Creamonto wet skin and follow by lathering and rinsing with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can apply a thick layer for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.


  • a combination of ingredients helps to regulate the biological mechanisms that lead to dark spot formation.
  • AHAs and cellulose microbeads provide both a chemical and a mechanical exfoliation.
  • Glyceryl oleate and coco glucoside hydrate the skin in order to leave it feeling comfortable.