Avohex Mouthwash

37.00 SR

Bad breath is the number one reason why many people turn towards a powerful mouthwash. However, that is not the only reason. There are some regular mouthwash variants used for teeth whitening, whereas for more complex conditions like gingivitis, only a comprehensive mouthwash will work well. This Avalon-Avohex is one such mouthwash. The super antiseptic Avalon-Avohex Mouthwash 300 ml provides key benefits to people who are suffering from dry mouth. It is effective in fighting off irritating mouth sores. Avohex Mouthwash has 0.2% of chlorhexidine gluconate, which is widely known as an antiseptic ideal for maintaining oral hygiene. It comes with a mint flavor that will give you a cool and fresh sensation. Avalon Mouthwash can be used for the mouth ulcers and gingival inflammation besides daily oral hygiene. It safely whitens your teeth and helps to prevent any future stains.

Antiseptic Mouthwash: This is an antiseptic mouthwash that fights out the causes of gingivitis. It is anti-bacterial and alcohol-free by nature

For oral hygiene:  It prevents any future stains on teeth and kills germs causing bad breath

Mint flavor: Helps freshen your breath so you stay energized thought the day

Up to 12 hours protection: AVOHEX mouthwash has got powerful antibacterial & anti-fungal activity with the long period of action over 12 hrs

Simple to use: Start off your day with a quick rinse of this mouthwash and you’re set to meet the day with fresh, minty breath in a quick and easy way



Thoroughly rinse your mouth with 10 ml for 1 minute 2 times in a day

Best used at the start of the day and after dinner

Consult a dentist if the problem persists