Anti-Drama Face Mask

45.20 SR

Meet Anti-Drama Face Mask, a charcoal face mask, here for pores, not applause. My blend of charcoal, chamomile, honey and lavender reduces acne, removes dirt, impurities and the day’s drama, soothing both skin and you. Leave this calming face mask on for 15 minutes, rinse and chill. That’s it – it’s a charcoal face mask, not your love life.



CHARCOAL: Clogged up pores: that’s what skin nightmares are made of. Charcoal swoops in to save the day with its detoxifying powers. The result? Dreamy skin, like an Insta filter.

CHAMOMILE & HONEY: Who keeps slipping tea in here? Oh I see, it calms you down, unlike an espresso. This duo soothes skin and kicks bacteria’s butt, so your skin can rest easy.
LAVENDER: Picked fresh for you, babe. Aren't I romantic? Puts blemishes to bed and relaxes tired muscles. Best enjoyed with a slow burning candle (lit by a hot babe).
EVENING PRIMROSE OIL: It whispers sweet somethings to problem skin. Sweet talks it into becoming firmer, smoother and less irritated, so it doesn’t need to wake up the neighbours.
Step 1
Squeeze me..into your hand (not there, babe). Be generous, you deserve it.
Step 2

Work me. Apply a thick layer all over your face and neck.

Step 3

Leave me. For fifteen minutes to be precise. Do some kegel exercises, practice your Oscars speech or do the grown-up thing and prank call your ex.

Step 4

Snoozy. Hop into bed and then wait to just.. zzzzzzzz....