#1 in the US, Dermalogica is a world-renowned cosmeceutical brand, which combines natural ingredients and cutting-edge synthetic actives to respond to every skin concerns. If you had to single out a product? The makeup removing oil Precleanse which removes makeup in a flash while preserving even the most sensitive skins.

Precleanse is a fine and universal cleansing oil that eliminates makeup, excess sebum and pollution residues perfectly.

With a gorgeous lavender and lemon scent and a fresh, clean finish, this is the perfect product for removing make up (including eye make up) in just a few seconds – a bathroom essential!

All skin types (even oily and combination, as the oil is particularly effective at removing excess sebum from the surface). This cleansing treatment is the ideal product for those who live in cities or areas with high pollution levels.

What is double cleansing?

Double Cleansing is fairly self-explanatory; it’s the process of cleansing your face twice in the evening in order to truly rid your skin of the daily build-up of pollutants, make up and sebum to promote healthy skin.

The first cleanse should remove make up, bacteria and dirt from the skin. The second cleanse should target your skin care needs to deeply cleanse and care for the skin, as well as prepping the skin for your serums and moisturizer to maximize their absorption.

There are many incredible skin benefits of double cleansing, including:

  • Maximizing the absorption and efficacy of your serums, oils and moisturizers.
  • Reducing breakouts, blackheads and blemishes
  • Brightening a dull complexion

August 29, 2020 — Dar Al Arab Pharmacy